Who We Are

Our aspiration

is to be Aotearoa New Zealanders' first choice
for the supply and installation of construction materials in the construction sector.

Our goal

is to enhance well-being through a focus on economic, social, and environmental outcomes, as a stepping stone to supporting intergenerational outcomes

We are committed

to supporting and partnering with other Māori organisations and creating pathways to future employment in the construction sector for Māori through a targeted internship programme.

"Nga pou e wha" - The four pou


To take care of and respect one another




To protect and nurture


To work hard

Pūtahi Mahi is a journey of two families. The foundations of our whānau business are built off the four pou outlined above and guided by the lessons of a pūrākau about Rata and the tōtara tree.

Our vision is built around creating an intergenerational legacy that honours our tīpuna and creates opportunities for our tamariki and others. We will look to grow our business, knowing its success will be ingrained many years after we pass on.

"Ko mahi ko kai; ko noho ko iri."

Pūtahi Mahi is guided and supported by the lessons of the pūrākau - Rata and the tōtara tree.